c a r e f u l l y

h a n d   c r a f t e d

l u x u r y

h o m e   f r a g r a n c e

Luxurious Scents for your Home

Hand blended home fragrance to uplift your everyday. 

Honest products with carefully selected components that are earth conscious and of the best quality.

minimal aesthetic - ample scent
to make everyday (smell) good

created right here in the uk


we aren't robots 👋🏼

(or machines!)

years before the beginning of Candle & Coaster Kate toyed with fragrance and candle making as a hobby and to fulfil her personal supply of home fragrance after finding that buying candles and diffusers that performed well on the high street was always so hit and miss.

in 2020 Kate finally put her skills to the test and started selling her gorgeously scented creations. our range is carefully created around our customers, packaged here in Nottinghamshire and sent throughout the UK.

Candle & Coaster's ethos is always to create luxury fragrance that makes others feel good, by hand, using the very best components and while being eco-conscious and supporting others where we can.

voted 5 stars by our customers

'Never used melts before and didn’t understand the fuss about them… however I love Kate’s candles so thought I’d give them a go. The sample bag is PERFECT and I’m pretty sure they last longer than candles or seem to? And the smell seems stronger?! I could be wrong but I am totally converted! I need to buy more burners for the melts now!'

Laura C, Nottm

'Cuban tobacco and oak diffuser

Gorgeous as with all the others'

Susan J, Northamptonshire

'Nicest smelling candle ever! 

Brought as a Father’s Day gift and it went down a treat! Everyone comments on it and I’ll definitely be buying more for the extra special gifts!'

Laura S, Nottm

luxurious fragrance

thoroughly tested products

carefully handmade

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