Stunning Amazon Must Haves for Your Kitchen in 2024

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Are you looking for budget friendly kitchen accessories? From stylish syrup bottles to an eye-catching footed tray, these Amazon must haves will help make your kitchen look beautiful and functional.

Workstation Sink

This beautiful workstation kitchen sink is both beautiful and uber-functional. We installed it in our Tiny Lake House kitchen because it’s compact, but nice and deep. It has multiple accessories that fit right into the sink like a strainer, dish drying rack and a cutting board. It’s the perfect sink for a small space!

(P.S. The little copper mason jar pump lid is from Amazon too!)

Copper Lidded Glass Storage Container

Clear containers are some of my favourites for organizing. They keep items together, but what’s inside is easy to see! This copper lidded glass container is the perfect item to store Nespresso pods in our vacation rental.

Gold Lidded Storage Container

If you prefer gold over copper, this gold lidded container Amazon must have is also a great option to store things like coffee pods and snacks. This one is plastic, so it’s a good container if you have small children or want to us it in an RV.

Stylish Soap Dispensers

It’s amazing what stylish soap dispensers can do to a kitchen sink area – they make everything look better! I love these white & gold soap dispensers with the white tray. They’re simple, sleek, and they look a lot more expensive than they are.

Gold Spouted Oil & Vinegar Jars

I’ve been looking for proper jars with spouts for my oil and vinegar, and these glass jars with gold spouts are gorgeous and work perfectly! They’re made of a heavy glass, and they come with a variety of different white labels you can affix to the jars. The spouts work well – they open up when you tilt the jars down. Near my stove, I also have this beautiful wooden cutlery set and marble mortar & pestle – both from Amazon as well.

Butter Bell

Have you ever heard of a butter bell? It’s a clever way to keep your butter at the perfect, spreadable consistency and it helps it stay fresh for weeks. This white ceramic butter bell has a classic look and it works great. You can get it in other colours as well. Smush a stick of butter into the lid piece, and then pour about 1/3 cup of cold water in the base. Place the lid with the butter inside the base and let the butter soften. The water helps keep the butter soft and fresh, and you can change it every few days for even more freshness.

Wooden Pedestal

A pedestal tray is a cute way to (literally) elevate your home decor. This rustic wood pedestal is adorable, and it’s a wonderful place for kitchen decor and essentials like candles and brushes. The classic & practical brush in the ceramic dish is an Amazon must have too!

Stylish Tea Towels

My current favourite tea towels from Amazon are these tassled Turkish hand towels and these striped cotton tea towels. Both have a timeless, handspun look and neutral colours that would match any kitchen.

Coffee Syrup Containers with Gold Pumps

Elevate your coffee station with these Amazon must haves – glass syrup bottles with gold coloured pumps! These feel heavy and expensive, and they also come with a variety of labels so you can customize them.

Speckled Bowls

When looking for some wide bowls I could use for my salads and lunches, these lovely speckled bowls were the perfect option. They’re large, they have lots of character, and they feel heavy and expensive. I’m tempted to buy a few more!

Watch my video to see how I use these Amazon must haves in my kitchen:

I hope you enjoyed my list of Amazon must haves for your kitchen! Let me know in the comments which find is your favourite, or if you have any favourite items to add.

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  1. The metallic lids to everything is a nice modern look. I like the crisp clean lines of everything you chose.perfect for the kitchen.

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