My Best Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests (After Hosting 100 Stays!)

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Do you have overnight guests coming? Wondering how to make them feel extra special and comfortable? I’ve hosted almost 100 families at our Little Lake House vacation rental. Check out my tips & tricks for some great ideas!

After a whirlwind year of being hosts to almost 100 families at our charming Little Lake House, I’ve gotten to know the ins-and-outs of creating that special moment while hosting overnight guests. So whether you’re preparing to entertain visitors in your home during upcoming holidays or any time of year, my tried-and-true tips are surefire ways to charm them when they arrive!

Even simple, cost-effective extra touches can make a big impact. Hosting an unforgettable stay for someone is an great way to show them you really appreciate their presence.

Cleanliness is key

The very first and most important thing that our many overnight guests have commented on is the cleanliness of our home. Cleanliness is key! I find the bathroom is the most important room to make sparkle. Of course, the guest bedroom should also be clutter free and tidy. As someone who’s not naturally drawn to tidiness, I need a little extra help! Fortunately my amazing cleaner makes sure our lake house rental shine for every guest. If you’re short on time and want some pointers that go beyond the basics, try adding OxiClean White Revive to your laundry. It brightens up those sheets and towels in no time and leaves everything smelling fresh too!

Customized guest coffee station

Create a memorable experience while hosting overnight guests by setting up a customized coffee station! You can create a small station in your guest room or kitchen. From their favorite brew to making your own convenient coffees, make sure all the options are available for them to enjoy. Allowing visitors the pleasure of having enjoyable drinks during their stay is an easy way that creates lasting impressions. You can also stock up your fridge with some other favourite foods and drinks that they love! (Bonus tip? Check for allergies before they arrive so that you know what to avoid keeping in your fridge while they’re in your home.)

A thoughtful welcome basket

Give your visitors the special treatment with a thoughtful welcome gift basket! Show them you care about their preferences by stocking up on snacks and drinks that match what they like. From granola bars to craft beer, popcorn to a sparkling bottle of water – make sure all of their favorites are covered so they receive something truly enjoyable when they arrive. Plus, feel free to add those extra small touches such as toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, soap etc.) for added convenience during their stay. You can find everything in one place – the dollar store. Simply pick out an affordable wicker or fabric basket from your local dollar store and it’ll come together quickly. Bonus tip: add some small toys, crafts, or kid-friendly snacks if kids are coming!

Beautiful, breatheable bedding

I love using natural and breatheable bedding for my guest beds. You can provide a comfortable sleep experience for your visitors by using cozy sheet sets, pillow covers, and duvet covers made of 100% cotton or a cotton-linen blend. I like this one from IKEA at an affordable price. To ensure these are always clean for guests upon arrival use a lint roller over all sheets before making up the beds – bonus hack!

A comfortable mattress for your guests

If you’re looking to make your overnight guests extra comfy, IKEA and Amazon are great sources for affordable mattresses. My top pick is the foam-and-spring hybrid from IKEA – it’s super cozy! Or if money is tight, go with a bed in a box type mattress on Amazon. It’ll still be comfy and won’t break the bank. If none of those options suit you just right why not try getting some budget comfort with an old fashioned fluffy mattress topper? This is my favourite budget-friendly mattress topper from Amazon.

Luxurious, fluffy towels

Welcome your overnight guests with fresh, fluffy white towels! A great tip for keeping them looking their best is to use OxiClean White Revive every once in a while. You can also add a little bit of vinegar to the wash cycle – this will get rid of any build up and make sure they’re as soft and clean as possible. Shaking out the bath towel before drying it further helps ensure maximum fluffiness too – nothing beats that nice ‘just washed’ feeling when you wrap yourself up afterwards! Leave a stack of fresh towels on your guest bed, or stacked neatly in your guest bathroom.

Don’t forget to leave other essentials in the bathroom like toothbrushes, toothpaste, washcloths, extra hand towels, a plunger, and extra toilet paper! You can even create a little basket with guest bathroom extras and leave it on the bathroom counter. I’ve learned these little add-ons are much appreciated when hosting overnight guests.

Don’t forget the tissues!

Tie the room together with a small but essential touch – Kleenex boxes! Nothing says ‘welcome’ to guests like having these handy around, and you can even find stylish ways to incorporate them into your decor. Many people forget this essential item when hosting overnight guests! Consider picking up some pretty tissue box covers from Simons for that added special something.

Other bedside essentials that our guests have enjoyed are a bedside lamp (I love wall sconces), a small vase of flowers (real, faux or dried), and an alarm clock.

That clean air feeling

For your overnight guests’ comfort, why not surprise them with an air purifier? This IKEA special doubles as a decorative table and helps the room feel cleaner between visitors. It’ll let your guests kick back in cozy, clean style!

A charging station for all

Our guests love having the convenience of a contactless phone charger in our guest bedroom. It makes things much easier for them – no matter what type of device they have, their phones can be recharged with this awesome little Amazon product on the nightstand! That way everyone’s ready to take selfies and stay connected while enjoying our lovely lake house.

The comfort of easy guest WiFi

Make sure you leave your Wi-Fi password somewhere in the welcome basket so your visitors don’t have to feel awkward asking. Add a personal note and make them feel right at home! When we’re hosting overnight guests at our Little Lake House, I have a sign right at the entry with the WiFi information.

A little bit of luxury

You can give your overnight guests the royal treatment by providing comfy guest robes and matching slippers in your guest bedroom closet. IKEA and Amazon are great places for finding luxurious items on a budget that’ll make any visitor smile from head-to-toe—especially those cold winter nights with chilly floors.

Other things I like to keep in the guest bedroom closet? A spot for a suitcase and/or guest clothing (especially if you don’t have a dresser your guest can use), extra clothing hangers, extra sheets, and extra blankets.

Watch my YouTube video on how to host overnight guests:

I know hosting overnight guests can be a little stressful, so I hope you found these tips helpful. If you have more suggestions on how to make overnight guests feel comfortable, or have any other guest bedroom must-haves, let me know in the comments below!



  1. How do you find out the preferences of your guests? i.e. wine, craft beer, sparkling water or juice? Do you survey them at the time of booking?

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