5 Steps to Make Your Bed Look Fluffy & Luxurious 

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Today, we’re talking cozy bedrooms, and I’m going to show you how to make your bed look fluffy and ultra luxurious. By following these simple steps, your bed will look like it’s straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog or a high-end hotel. Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re on a vacation every day?!

I love creating a cozy oasis at home, and making my bed a calming and comfortable place to sleep is ultra important. The feeling of a big, fluffy bed in a high-end hotel is always so wonderful. Let’s create that same feeling at home! I’ll show you how.

Choosing the right bedding

The first step to creating a luxurious bed is choosing the right bedding. Opt for high-quality sheets, a soft duvet, and fluffy pillows.

My preference is using natural fibers. They’re breathable and feel ultra comfortable. Try linen sheets, or a blend of linen and cotton for a soft look and feel.

Some of my favourite soft bedding essentials

Making the bed with a pillow top mattress protector

Now, it’s time to make your bed. Start by placing a padded mattress cover on the bed. Not only will this help protect your mattress from stains, but it will also make your bed look and feel fluffy. My favourite pillow top mattress cover is here from Amazon.

Next, add your fitted sheet over the mattress. Then, add your flat sheet if you use one. Ensure the right side of the top hem of the fitted sheet is facing down.

Over-stuffing the duvet cover

One of my favourite ways to make a bed look fluffy, is to use a duvet and over-stuff the duvet cover. Use a duvet insert that’s larger than your cover for the ultimate cozy look. Alternatively, you can use two duvet inserts inside your cover.

I love a duvet insert with down fill for the ultimate fluffy look, but you could also use a down alternative. Here’s my favourite duvet insert.

Layering your bed

Now, let’s talk about layering. Layer your duvet or comforter over the sheets. Pro tip: fold it down a third for that ‘hotel-ready’ look.

Next, add some euro pillows in euro shams at the head of the bed (2 for a Queen size bed or 3 for a King bed), and then layer your sleeping pillows in standard shams in front.

Don’t forget a cozy throw blanket at the foot of the bed for an extra touch of warmth. You can even add an additional quilt at the end of the bed for more texture and colour. I’m using a beautiful gold toned kantha quilt in a floral pattern. I love to mix and match textures and colors to create a cozy, inviting look. Remember, comfort is key!

Accent pillows

Finally, let’s talk throw pillows! They’re the cherry on top. Mix and match different sizes, shapes, and colors to add personality to your bed. You can even make your own pillow covers to match your decor. Check out my favourite DIY pillow cover tutorials right here!

Add two 20 x 20 inch decorative pillows in front of your sleeping pillows with an optional lumbar pillow in front of those. You can use the over-stuffing technique to make these look extra plush too by placing larger inserts inside the covers.

I love these gold coloured velvet cushion covers for a luxe look that ties into my quilt.

Voila! Your bed looks like it’s ready for a magazine photoshoot. (P.S. This washable rug is from the Rugs USA x Lauren Leiss collection and I absolutely love how warm and rich it makes my bedroom feel! Thanks for the gift, Rugs USA!)

Watch my YouTube video to learn how to make the fluffiest bed

There you have it! You don’t need to break the bank to enjoy the luxury of a Pottery Barn-style cozy bed. I hop you try these little tricks to make an extra cozy, fluffy bed!

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