The Best Countertop Soap Dispensers for your Home

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Do you want to add a touch of elegance and organization to your countertops but aren’t sure how? Let me show you how the best kitchen soap dispensers can make all the difference to your space! 

Sometimes it really is the little things that have the biggest impact in the home decor world. The finishing touches you put in your bathroom or kitchen are no exception! Today I’m going to give you a few options for upgrading the containers you use to dispense products in your kitchen and bathroom. This is a small change that will add a major touch of class. And all you have to do is switch out the bottles you use now! It really is that easy.

Glass Soap Dispenser with Pump and Ceramic Tray

I love these sturdy glass Amazon soap dispensers that I found for my kitchen. One of my favourite purchases yet! I think these are the best kitchen soap dispensers. I think the gold and white are a really classic colour combination. The set comes with a nice heavy tray to set the dispensers in. The durability of the tray and the bottles themselves cannot be beat! And the bottles fit perfectly inside the tray and make them look permanent and high-end. 

These dispensers also come with many different labels so you can choose the right one for whatever liquids you want to dispense! I used the “Dish Soap” label and the “Hand Soap” label, because I want to put these right by my kitchen sink on my kitchen countertop. The labels are easy to put on. They are high enough quality that if you don’t get them straight or level on the first try you can take them off and re-apply once or twice.  

The white is so much nicer than a clear glass soap dispenser. I think a transparent bottle looks a bit messier and not as clean and tidy, somehow. And I’m so glad I didn’t go with your typical stainless steel pump for these! I think the gold soap pumps add a really nice warm tone to my farmhouse kitchen, don’t you?  It’s not always the case that your dish soap dispenser doubles as kitchen decor! I could not be happier with the little touch of elegance this dispenser set brings to my space.

Soap Dispensers for the Bathroom

For a completely different look in our Tiny Lake House bathroom, I ordered these beautiful amber-coloured bottles as one of the finishing touches. These were the perfect size for the little niche in the shower! They are perfect for holding shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. They would be perfect as a liquid soap dispensers for the kitchen too! 

The fact that they are opaque instead of transparent makes them look high-quality and fancy. Their dimensions are perfect for a smaller space where you don’t have room for a giant bottle of product. They look like glass, but they are plastic! This makes them safer for bathroom use. 

To use them efficiently, I purchase a larger capacity sized bottle and then refill these amber bottles as necessary using a small funnel. They are absolutely perfect for holding just the right amount of shower supplies at our rental property and looking pretty at the same time.

Reusable Shampoo and Conditioner Dispensers

 I’m going to share a little trick I’ve learned that will make your bathroom look as high-end as the fanciest hotel room you can imagine! Achieving that look can be as simple as making sure all your bottles have consistent, neutral colors. During a trip to Montreal, I got to stay at one of my favourite hotels. While I was there I noticed that all the bottles in the bathroom were chic and simple black and white bottles.  

I decided I wanted to try and capture this feeling in my own bathroom when I got home! So, I found some copycat bottles on Amazon that came in a pack of three. The bottles are white and the tops are black, and I love the slightly rounded lines the bottles have. They came with simple, classy labels and are 500ml (16 fluid ounces of soap) each. This is more than large enough to fill once and then use for a long time before refilling again. 

They are also plastic, so they are safe to use in a bathroom. One great thing about plastic (other than the fact they won’t break) in a hot and steamy bathroom is that it is immune to corrosion! Sometimes nickel or other metal finishes can get rusty because of the constant moisture. But both this bottle itself and the pump top are plastic and therefore rust-proof.

These dispensers have really changed the look and feel of my ensuite bathroom space, and it was such an easy change to make! You could use these bottles to replace your shower supplies bottles as I did, but they would also be great as a hand lotion dispenser or as a hand soap dispenser on the bathroom counter right by the faucet. (They are also large enough to use as liquid laundry detergent dispensers in your laundry room or even as a soap dispenser for the kitchen.)

A beautiful pump-top bottle is so much nicer for your sink area than bars of soap taking up counter space. They dispense just the right amount of soap per use and don’t leave a messy film behind that you have to clean! I’m thrilled with this particular change. 

My Favourite Product for Refills

You might be wondering what I like to put in my refillable bottles once I have them all ready to go! I discovered this wonderful company that sells shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Its name is Attitude, and it’s an eco-friendly Canadian brand (for bonus points!).

They sell their products in large bulk boxes that I can use to refill my dispensers over and over again with less packaging waste.  The boxes are stored in my bathroom vanity cabinet so they are close by when I need them. I love how these products smell and feel on my hair and skin! I definitely recommend this line for refilling your own bottles. 

And there you have it, my top picks for the best soap dispensers available on Amazon! I love the different look and function for all of these options depending on where in my house I am using them.  For my American friends, I have all of these products curated in my Amazon USA store, just for you! I hope you use these products to create beautiful, functional, practical spaces in your own kitchen and bathroom. 


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