10 Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas to Sprinkle Joy into Your Holidays!

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It’s that time of year again, when we decorate the house in anticipation of Santa and everything else Christmas has to offer! I find that one area people often neglect in their decorating sprees is the kitchen. However, decorating this space doesn’t have to add time and stress to your holiday routine! Let me show you some of my favourite easy and budget-friendly Christmas kitchen decor ideas.

When the busy-ness of the holidays hit, we often feel the pressure of having a perfectly decorated home. Because we don’t feel like we have enough time and money to do it all, it is easy to focus on the more visible and high traffic areas of the house like the living room and front porch. But doesn’t it also make sense to bring some cheer and holiday spirit into the kitchen? This is where you are going to spend a lot of time baking, prepping, and visiting in anticipation of holiday cookies and meals. Today, I’m sharing some easy and affordable ways to bring a pop of Christmas into your kitchen space.

Christmas Kitchen Decor with Easy Rod Pocket or Ring Clip Drapes

People don’t usually think of using drapes as Christmas decor. But when you can make them yourself for very little money, why not make seasonal window coverings to change out for the holidays? I’m going to show you how I made some new drapes that incorporated red for our Christmas decor one year. When I found this beautiful red plaid fabric from OnlineFabricStore.net, I knew that I had to use it. Of course, if you like a different Christmas colour, you don’t have to use this exact fabric! But you get the idea. 

All you need for each panel is fabric that is 5 inches longer and 2 inches wider than the final product will be. Fold the side edge over 1/2 an inch and press, and then another 1/2 inch and press again. Then hem the edge you ironed. Do this for both edges. 

Fold the top of your curtain panel over 1/2 an inch and press. Then fold it over 2 inches and press again. Then stitch your two inch hem (but leave the side open). Do this to the bottom of your panel too. 

Then, hang it as a regular pocket casing drape by using the existing rod in your space and threading it through that two-inch hem. This is a nice casual look if you have a country-style kitchen. For a more formal look, use drapery rings.

And, voila! Seasonally appropriate curtains that can be taken down after the holidays. Visit the full post for my step by step tutorial!

Make Real Evergreen Wreaths

When I decided I wanted to incorporate real evergreen wreaths into our dining room Christmas decor, I asked my mom for help. My great grandpa was a master gardener for a castle-like estate in Germany. Sadly, I didn’t inherit his (very) green thumb, but my mom did! She was kind enough to help me with my dream and pass down some of Great Opa’s knowledge of real evergreen wreath-making to me. Thanks to Great Opa and Mom, I now have some gorgeous, real evergreen wreaths on my windowed kitchen cabinet doors that smell divine and remind me of some special history in our family.  

All you need are some small, bendable spruce branches as a base, smaller trimmed branches, and some jute twine. Once your base is complete, you can add the trimmed branches for fullness. Add ribbon, berries, or other embellishments to your wreath to personalize it and make it your own. That’s it! Hang them from cupboard doors with ribbon, use them outside, stick them on your mantel, or make a larger one for an advent wreath. Visit the full post for my tutorial with pictures to make these instructions come alive!

A Christmas Craft & Hot Chocolate Station for the Kids

Looking for a fun way to keep the kids busy (and let’s be honest, out of your way) at your next winter or Christmas gathering? I’ve got two fantastic ideas that work great for any group of kids! First, why not make them feel special with a fun hot chocolate station of their own? I did this for my kids and their friends and it was a big hit. First, I set up a fun area on our kitchen countertop to make some hot chocolate. I put out my festive-coloured coffee maker, some red paper straws, and a couple mason jars of hot chocolate mix and mini marshmallows. The kids loved it!

Then, I gave them a couple different options for a fun craft to pass the time. I chose some beautiful garland and twine Christmas trees. But you could prepare any sort of Christmas craft you’d like for your little ones. (Need some ideas? Why not try one of these DIY snow globes or mice candy cane holders?) I also set out supplies for mini gingerbread houses that were ready for decorating. 

Are you wondering what this all has to do with Christmas decor? The hot chocolate station makes my kitchen look festive and bright. The crafts your kids make can adorn your mantel or be made into a cute little vignette or centerpiece! Decor is anything that gets you into the holiday spirit, crafts and hot chocolate stations included.

Make Silver Leaf Paper Trees for Christmas Tabletop Decor 

If you’re looking for something new to put on your table this Christmas, why not DIY something beautiful? I made these easy, cone-shaped silver leaf trees in different sizes. They are perfect mixed in with the mercury glass trees I found at Costco for a glamourous table centerpiece. Don’t they make a pretty grouping? 

In this post, I’m going to give you a step by step tutorial and the printable cone tree templates you need to make these silver leaf trees happen (get the large one here and the small one here). All you need is some cardstock, silver leaf, metal leaf adhesive, wax paper, a hot glue gun, and some scissors. I can’t believe how easy it was to make these professional looking, gorgeous trees. You could use them in a vignette on a sideboard or mantel. I created a formal centerpiece for the dining room table to make the entire room merry and bright! 

DIY Christmas Beeswax Candle with bottle brush tree lid

I love candles at Christmas, don’t you? There’s something so cheery and hopeful about their soft yellow light. I think they make a great decor accent all on their own, but I found a way to make them even cheerier and just right for the holiday season. My DIY Christmas Beeswax Candle makes a beautiful little handmade gift, and the bottle brush trees on the lid give it an extra dose of festive cuteness!  

I saw a candle similar to my DIY version on the Anthropologie website, and thought it would be fun to make a handmade version inspired by the design. I love that the lid looks adorable either on the candle or sitting beside it as a little holiday decor accent that can be part of the same vignette as the candle itself. All you need is a DIY beeswax candle, a hot glue gun, and some bottle brush mini Christmas trees. You can dye them in fun colours like I did to really make them pop! Visit the full post for step by step instructions on creating the candle and the colourful vintage-looking bottle brush trees!

Make a Hot Chocolate Station from a Caddy

Whenever I include hot chocolate as part of a celebration with friends or family, I like to go big and put out ALL the options possible! Hot cocoa mix, mini marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, cookies, sprinkles, toffee bits…you get the idea. One question I always get is “WHERE did you get that hot chocolate station caddy”? I never would have guessed this little tray would be so popular, so I thought I should share the details with you.

When I saw this neat-looking galvanized caddy at The Brick at West Edmonton Mall, I knew exactly what I was going to turn it into – a cute little vintage looking hot chocolate bar!  All I did was put a coffee filter in each compartment of the caddy and then I filled them with different things that could go with or make hot chocolate. If you can’t find something exactly the same, no worries! You could use a dough bowl filled with smaller bowls or repurpose a veggie tray too. You get the idea. Whatever you end up using, just fill your caddy with the ingredients you think your guests would love, display the tray or caddy with a kettle of hot water, and enjoy this lovely little hot cocoa station with your guests. 

How do you feel about wreaths? I think there are many ways you can DIY a beautiful and elegant looking wreath to add a bit of whimsy and lightness to a room or front door. In this post, I’m showing you how to take wreath-making to the next level and make it edible! That’s right, you heard me. An edible wreath. I decided to take my favourite gingerbread cookie recipe from my mom and decorate the cookies like beautiful snowflakes. Then I used icing to glue them together and make an edible gingerbread cookie wreath. This would make a lovely and whimsical decoration for your home at Christmas. It could also be a practical and unique gift! And, not only do you get the full instructions for this fun craft, you also get the best gingerbread cookie recipe EVER as a bonus. You’re welcome! 

Kitchen Christmas Decor Ideas

Need some new ideas for Christmas kitchen decorations? I’ve got you covered! In this post I’m showing you how I’ve decorated our kitchen for Christmas in the past so you can get some budget-friendly inspiration for your own kitchen Christmas decor. I like to keep the holiday decorating simple in the kitchen, but it’s still fun to add some festive touches! It’s amazing what adding pops of red and green to a room will do to increase the holiday spirit, after all. I’m sharing ideas like a hot cocoa bar, over-the-sink garland and greenery, a cookie jar snow globe, a festive runner under your feet, and more! None of these ideas are complicated, time consuming, or elaborate. You can just have fun with them and do what feels right for your own space. Happy decorating!

Rustic, Elegant & Cozy Christmas Kitchen Decor

Welcome to this tour of our home all decorated for Christmas! Please feel free to check out every room, but pay particular attention to the Christmas kitchen decor ideas you will find here. For example, the breakfast nook! I made a simple swap of the drapes in this space and used a white fabric as the perfect neutral winter background for adding Christmas touches. We made some simple gingerbread houses to use as an easy (and edible!) centerpiece with some fresh greenery. I love the look we achieved with almost zero effort.

In my kitchen itself, I like to keep seasonal decor relatively simple so that it doesn’t prevent us from working in here (those cookies need baking!). A small tray of Christmas ornaments and a candle adds a festive touch to our kitchen island. Over our sink kitchen window, I hung a faux eucalyptus garland and lights with some removable hooks. I often put Christmas wreaths on the cupboards in this room too. On the counter over the dishwasher, some more simple seasonal touches like jars filled with faux snow and bottle brush trees, an ornament, and a diffuser filled with yummy-smelling essential oils adds the last touch of cheer to our kitchen. This would also work for a display on some simple open shelves if you have them.

I hope you enjoy the tour and get some perfectly pretty and simple ideas for your own kitchen space! 

Easy Simmer Pot Recipes to Make Your Home Smell Amazing!

Have you ever heard of a simmer pot? While it’s technically not kitchen Christmas decor, it DOES happen in the kitchen and I think it’s like decor for your nose! Also known as stovetop potpourri, it’s an easy and inexpensive way to make your home smell amazing.  It involves putting a shallow pot of water on the stove, adding a few other ingredients, and then letting the pot simmer for a few hours. Nothing beats the smell of natural ingredients, and smells can really set the tone and mood for your indoor gatherings and dinner parties. We all know exactly what Christmas smells like, even if we can’t quite put our finger on it! A simmer pot is a great way of capturing those elusive scents and putting your guests in a great mood for the evening. Ideas for things to put in your Christmas simmer pot: 

  • Apple slices or peels
  • Orange slices or peels
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Dried cranberries
  • Whole cloves
  • Other whole spices like cardamom pods
  • Spruce tree clippings

Bring the pot to a simmer and leave it on your stove to fill the house with a rich, festive scent. That’s it!

And this isn’t just a good idea for your own home use. Consider giving a simmer pot kit to someone special as a great gift! If you dry the ingredients beforehand, you can place them in a mason jar and give them away. I have the full tutorial on how to create a beautiful simmer pot jar gift with free printable tags right here.

I hope you’ve figured out that not only is decorating your kitchen for the season good for the soul, but it’s fun and easy too! Whichever idea or ideas you choose, I would love to see them! So please comment or tag me @thediymommy with your Christmas decor creations!

Merry Christmas everyone! 

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