DIY Garage Storage | Build a Work Bench & Framed Pegboard Wall

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Come see how I created some practical DIY garage storage solutions and a functional workspace by building a workbench and framed pegboard wall.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Brookfield Residential. As always, all of the opinions here are my own.

I’m thrilled to be partnering with Brookfield Residential here in Edmonton this year for some fun, functional and easy DIY ideas that you can re-create in your home. Over the next several months, I’ll be working on DIY projects in some of their gorgeous show homes all over the city to give YOU ideas on what you could build in your own home to add to its function and value. In case you missed it, in January I shared how I built a simple and functional DIY entry hook wall at the Dawson show home and you can read all about that here. Then last month, I showed you how I gave a closet an industrial makeover on a budget.

This month, I had the privilege of working in the Robson show home in the Paisley community of Edmonton. The Paisley community in South West Edmonton is a unique and vibrant community inspired by Edmonton’s art scene. It features an off-leash dog park, beautiful walkways, and sculpted green spaces.

The Robson features a gorgeous statement staircase leading from the first to second floor, a stunning master bedroom & closet, and extended fireplace, and an extra large garage.

I was inspired by all of the royal blue coloured accents in this home, and thought it would be fun to carry those out to the DIY project I worked on: a work bench and pegboard in the large nook in the garage. The Robson has a tandem style garage with lots of space, so an extra work area like this is a wonderful way to use it!

If you’re local, make sure to come see this DIY in person and enter to win $500 towards making your own DIY project with Brookfield Residential! You can find all of the contest details here on Brookfield’s DIY site.

Here’s how the garage nook looked BEFORE:

Now, watch my YouTube video below to see how I made over this nook in the Robson’s garage, or follow the step-by-step written instructions below:

How to create a DIY garage work bench & framed pegboard wall:

First, I purchased 3 24″ wide Ikea kitchen cabinets and assembled them. They’re a great solution for budget cabinetry and not too hard to put together.

Next, I mounted the cabinet rail to the wall making sure it was level and strong by using a laser level and drilling it into wall studs. I hung the cabinets on the rail.

Then, I added the legs and toe kick to the cupboard base, and attached a wooden countertop (also from Ikea) to the top of the cabinets with screws and my drill.

After that, I added the shelves to the cabinets and installed the doors.

To create the framed pegboard, I cut 3 pieces of 1 x 2 spruce wood to the width I wanted my pegboard to be which was 6 feet. Then, I screwed them to the studs in the wall – one at the bottom of where I wanted my pegboard to hang, and one in the middle.

I then screwed a piece of 6 x 4′ pegboard to the wood pieces.

Next, I slipped a final piece of pine at the top back of the pegboard and secured that with screws and my screwdriver.

I then measured and marked where I wanted the door handles to go on the cupboard doors.

I drilled holes with my drill and installed the handles.

To frame the pegboard, I used some 1 x 2″ trim, cut it to size, put it on the sides of my pegboard and secured it with a finishing nail gun.

Originally I thought that I wanted the frame of the pegboard to be white, but decided to tape it off and paint it a deep charcoal colour to contrast with the rest of the wall.

I found some pegboard accessories at my local hardware store, and attached them to the pegboard for hanging tools and cleaning supplies.

Some simple shelves adjacent to the pegboard wall also serve as more storage for the garage nook.

I also hung some hooks on either side of the pegboard to hang clothing or more tools.

Finally, I added a bit of colour and fun to the space with royal blue coloured accessories and a few more boxes and bins.

All done!

I love how practical this space is, but also how tidy and cute it looks, too.

I’d love to have a workspace like this in my home! It would be great for woodworking, crafts, gardening, and so much more.

I love how this nook turned out, and I hope this project has inspired you to create something similar in your garage!

Learn more about the Brookfield Residential Robson show home right here and if you’re local, make sure to come see this DIY in person and enter to win $500 towards making your own DIY project! You can find all of the contest details here on Brookfield’s DIY site.



  1. Am I seeing a ryobi miter saw out there? ?

    Well, that’s a nice touch for the garage, the best thing is that there is still some space for extra gear.
    I gotta tell you, an organized garage is like a paradise for a pro carpenter like me

  2. Hey Christina,
    Awesome! DIY Garage storage is a great innovative idea. You just changed the garage concept and utilized the unused spaces properly. Your presentation and instructions were so helpful and I am sure, most of the readers are inspired. Finally, you made the garage storage so classy and amazing.
    Thanks for sharing us.

  3. I have a serious case of Garage- Envy!! You make this project look doable. I may give it a try. Next stop- Ikea! Love your content, Youtube & newsletters btw. Keep up the great work!

  4. This! This is the motivation I needed to get up and go rearrange my garage! But I already know I can never reach your level of tidiness 🙂 Good job!

  5. WOW!
    Garage Storage is essential for your better space.
    If you want to work freely and comfortably then it a needy to you.
    You added many important parts and it really helps me to choose a garage-storage
    See you in the next post.
    Keep sharing!

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