10 Best IKEA Organization Products under $20

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Looking to organize your home this year? These IKEA organization products are budget-friendly and you can use them in creative ways to keep your home neat and tidy.

As you may already know, I’m a big IKEA fan. I find their products affordable, and they have a lot of fantastic furniture and accessories suitable for smaller homes. Their organization products are my favourite – they have so many great ideas! I’ve used lots of their organizational items for many years, and here’s my list of TOP favourites under $20.

HULTARP Rail System

IKEA’s HULTARP rail system is my favourite organization product of theirs… and it’s also fun to use in a creative way as decor! Here, I’ve used it to display photos in my living room (read more about that here), but I’ve also used the older version of this rail in my RVs to hang mugs.


These fabric IKEA organization boxes come in all shapes and sizes, and are fantastic for drawer organization. We’ve used the smaller set in drawers in our kids’ rooms, and the larger SKUBB boxes are perfect here for our walk-in primary closet.


Made specifically for bathroom vanities, these substantial smoked plastic organizers are perfect for storing makeup and skincare items. The box with compartments could also be used to organize art supplies, and the box set with lids is perfect for the visual organizer who likes to see their things! You could even label these with your Cricut if you want to take them to the next level.


These sturdy white bins are wonderful for kitchen cabinet organization – they fit so perfectly inside of IKEA’s kitchen cabinet drawers! I’ve also used VARIERA baskets to corral art & crafts supplies as shown above in our craft cabinet. When I think of IKEA organization – I think of these classic white bins that are useful for so many areas in my home.

VARIERA Pot Lid Organizer

Even though it doesn’t look all that impressive right out of the box, this metal pot lid organizing rack works wonders in your pots & pans drawer! Use it to organize your pot lids upright, separately from your pots & pans. I find this makes the lids incredibly easy to access, and keeps my drawer looking tidier. I’ve also heard of people using this for other things like storing rolled towels, handbags, sheetpans and cutting boards!


Not only does the wire mesh & wooden handled RISATORP basket look pretty, but it’s such a handy container. I have a few in my pantry, and I like that they’re slightly see-through so I know what’s inside. The handle also makes them fantastic for toting things around. We have one in the closet of our lake house rental for people to bring their campfire supplies in and out of the house.

IKEA 365+ Cereal Containers

The entire IKEA 365+ line is a favourite of mine, so let me share my three favourite items in that line. First is their cereal container. This container is usually the perfect size to store a small box of cereal, and the lid is air-tight making the contents last longer. It’s easy for my kids to take in and out of the pantry, and it also looks cute with a Cricut label!

IKEA 365+ Glass Containers with Bamboo Lids

For a more sustainable option, I also enjoy the IKEA 365+ glass containers with bamboo lids. These are great for food storage, leftover storage, or even to store craft supplies. They look beautiful, they’ll last a long time, and the lid is air-tight.

IKEA 365+ Pantry Containers

I’ve had these larger pantry bins for years, and they’re fantastic for storing bulk baking and cooking ingredients like rice, flour, grains and sugars. The lids are easy to take on and off, and their square shape makes use of every inch in my pantry drawers. IKEA has a few different sizes of these larger containers, so you can mix and match to create the perfect storage system for your pantry. That’s one thing I truly appreciate about the IKEA organization line of products – they think of how you can utilize every square inch of your home.


This little basket serves as both adorable home decor, and as a simple storage solution. You can use it as a plant basket, or a cute spot to store throw pillows and blankets. I’ve also painted the bottom of one of my FLADIS baskets to give it a colour blocked look! With it’s natural, woven texture it works well in both a boho style of home decor, or something a little more modern.

Watch my YouTube video to learn more about these IKEA organization finds:

I hope you enjoyed my list of best IKEA organization products that I use in my home! Tell me: have you used any of these? Do you have any creative ways to use them? I’d love to hear in the comments below.


  1. I’ve used the rail system with cups to corral my son’s art supplies next to his desk. He’s grown out of it but now I have a good idea for repurposing that bar. Thank you.

  2. I love ikea ! Thanks for the ideas. I am moving into a smaller space and need some of these organization hacks

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