Sew Faux Leather Baby Slippers with the Cricut Maker

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Learn how to sew adorable faux leather baby slippers with a flower detail and how to cut all of the faux leather and fabric pieces for your project with the Cricut Maker.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

One of the most popular DIY projects on my blog are these sweet, soft baby slippers. It was one of my very first blog posts and it’s still going strong today – almost 10 years later! Today, I’m revisiting this project with an exciting update. Not only am I sharing how to make these tiny baby booties in a shimmery faux leather, but I’m also showing you how to cut all of the pieces for your sewing project with the Cricut Maker!

The Cricut Maker is a professional-level cutting machine that can cut even more materials than the previous Cricut machines I’ve tried. It can cut everything from vinyl to chipboard to leather, and you can even use the Cricut Maker Rotary Blade to cut fabric without a backing!

As I thought about what sewing project I wanted to try first with my Cricut Maker, these soft baby slippers immediately came to mind. They’re small enough that I can cut all of the pieces I need on one 12 x 12 piece of faux leather, and the smooth cutting ability of the Cricut Maker rotary blade was ideal to cut perfect circles to make the flower embellishments.

Ready to make these adorable baby shoes for your little one or as a thoughtful baby shower gift? Let’s get started!

How to Sew Faux Leather Baby Slippers with the Cricut Maker

Makes 6 month size baby slippers



Access my free Cricut Design Space Baby Slippers project by clicking right here.

***If you are having troubles accessing my project, you can download my slippers pieces image by clicking here and import it into your new project as an image. Make sure it measures 11 inches wide.***

Click “Make It”, and then get your Cricut Maker ready. Put a piece of the Faux Leather on a FabricGrip Machine Mat and change the material setting to Fabric – Heavy. Install your Rotary Blade into your Maker, and you’re ready to get cutting fabric with Cricut! Load your mat, press Go, and your Rotary Blade will do all of the cutting for you.

Once you’ve cut the faux leather, create two circles that are 4″ in diameter on Cricut Design Space and cut them onto your Cricut Designer Fabric using the FabricGrip Machine Mat and the Rotary Blade.

With scissors, cut two pieces of 1/4″ elastic to be 3 3/4″ long.

Now, fold the heel piece of one of your baby slippers in half lengthwise (it’s the piece shaped like a barrel), and use your sewing machine to stitch 1/2″ from the fold to create a casing. I used the longest length of stitch on my machine for this material.

Next, thread one of the elastic pieces through the casing using a safety pin to help push it along. Secure it on either side of the heel casing by stitching it in place with your machine.

Then, create a “U” shape with this heel piece and pin it the right side of one of the top edges of the toe piece as pictured above. Stitch in place using a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Next, open the heel up and top-stitch along the seam as shown above to hold the seam down and the create a small hem at the top of the foot.

The final step to create the slipper is to pin and then sew the sole onto the rest of the slipper. Pin them in place, right sides together and take your time. Faux leather has no stretch, so it can be difficult to sew with. Don’t worry if you have to go over the seam a few times like I did as you won’t see it in the finished bootie. Turn the slipper right side out & it’s done! Repeat all of these steps for the second slipper.

To create the flower embellishment, take a needle and thread and make a running stitch all the way around one of the fabric circles about 1/4″ from the edge of the circle.

Pull the stitches tight to create a gathered flower shape. Using the same thread & needle, sew a small button to the center of the flower and stitch the flower to the baby slipper. I sewed mine to the top side of each of my baby booties.

And that’s it! Wouldn’t these make a sweet baby shower gift? I know just who I’m going to give this pair to and I can’t wait!

I love the shimmery copper colour of these slippers, and the extra durability of this faux leather is going to help them last a long time.

I loved using my Cricut Maker to sew these slippers; it made this project go so smoothly and quickly! The fabric cutting capablities of the Maker are perfect for more detailed sewing projects like this one.

Now tell me: What would YOU make with the Cricut Maker? A sewing project or something else (like a chipboard or leather project!)?


  1. Love the slippers, but I could get the pattern for my Cricut. I have full access as well on cricut. ?
    Please let me know if there are specific instructions to access the pattern to use my cricut. Thank you

      1. Does the pattern (imported mine – the link to the DS one did not work) need to be resized? Do you recommend a specific sizes like 0-3 mos. 6-12 mos. etc.

  2. Hello! I’d also like a pattern for the cricut. I’ve tried the links and design space and I can’t it to come up. Thank you for your time. Tammy

  3. Lovely little shoes! I’d love to try this. But I only have a Cricut Explorer Air 2. I’m quite new. Does it mean I can make this project with my machine?

      1. Hi! I just checked in with Christina and she said, “the Explore Air 2 doesn’t cut fabric very well. I’d go with the Maker for any fabric, leather or wood projects.”

  4. Hello, I was trying to get this to work on design space and the flower opens but not the shoe pattern. I also read some of the above comments and see that this is for a size 6 m shoe. I was wondering how small I need to make the pattern for newborn/3m and how big for 12 month shoes? I would like to make a pair for my son and a pair for my sister that’s having a little girl!

  5. is there a way to print out the sewing instructions? I’m not seeing it. I don’t have internet at sew club and would like the instructions with me.
    Thanks, Jodie

  6. Hi! I’m looking to make these! I have all access to cricut. But I can’t seem to find it.

    Thank you in advance!

  7. Wow, these slippers are GLAM! I just bought my Cricut Maker and it will be delivered to me Thursday through . Can’t wait to try them for 3 new babies on the way in my family! Will let you know how my very first Cricut Maker experiment goes!

  8. The link to DS project is not working for me. It will open but I can’t click on the make it button. Would you let me know if I’m doing something wrong please?

  9. Hi Christina!!
    What a great piece of article I found today, Its very interesting and useful article for all readers who want to learn that I will make these beautiful baby slippers for my newly born niece. Thanks for sharing this with all of us especially for all newly formed mothers?

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