Cute Desk Decorating Ideas for an Aesthetic Homework Space

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As the kids head back to school, it’s time to start thinking about how to create an inspiring homework and study space for the coming year. You don’t have to break the bank to create a beautiful workspace; you simply need a few easy ideas to make an aesthetic desk area. In today’s blog post, I’m sharing some of the cutest and easiest ways to decorate a desk space for back-to-school season and beyond. (P.S: You can also use these ideas for your own work-at-home desk area or your office spaces!)

I recently gave my daughter’s room a teen room makeover with a loft bed; you can check out the full makeover right here. Let’s dive in to how we setup and organized her desk area, and how you too can create an organized, personalized workspace for your child… or for yourself!

Watch my video for all my cute desk decorating ideas

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Personalize It

To make you child’s desk area feel personal and match their style, consider adding some themed art or decals to the wall area. Come up with a fun theme that matches their personality, and purchase or create artwork to match. Consider painting the wall behind the desk in a pop of color that goes with the theme. Installing some removable wallpaper is also a fun update. Look for cute desk accessories like a mouse pad, small rug, desk lamp and office chair that further complement the mood and match the color palette.

For Little A’s new desk under her loft bed, I created a crystal & moon themed decal with my Cricut Maker and applied that to the wall. She loves collecting crystals, and this was the perfect, personal touch!

Use Multi-Functional Storage

Staying organized is a crucial element of maintaining a beautiful workspace. Try to minimize clutter and opt for multi-functional storage solutions. You can find functional desktop organizers and decorate them to fit your child’s aesthetic. With multi-functional storage, you can have everything you need within reach.

I found this handy desk organizer with drawers here on Amazon, and then I used my Cricut to cut out some labels and a crystal-themed design. I applied the labels to the drawers to help my daughter stay organized. The cute crystal design added to the top of the organizer matches her theme. Inside the organizer, she has lots of room for her favourite pens, pencils, markers, Post-It Notes, clips and more.

If you don’t have lots of desk drawers, you may want to consider multiple desk organizers for larger items like stationery and folders.

Keep Cords in Check

Messy power cords and cables everywhere is a common problem that can ruin the aesthetic of a desk. To keep cords at bay, consider using cord organizers or clips like these ones.. For cords that aren’t in use, wrap them neatly and secure them with a cord storage strap.

For my daughter’s homework desk, I made some DIY cord wraps with faux leather and velcro with my Cricut Maker. Then, I labeled some clear pencil cases to store the neatly wrapped cords and chargers all in one place.

Hang Some Inspiration

Whether it’s photos of your family or images that inspire your child, hanging items on the wall near their desk can add a personal touch to their workspace. From motivational quotes to photos of loved ones or even their creative work, framing them by the desk can create a wall decor that is both inspiring and functional.

If you don’t want to use a frame, you can purchase an inexpensive wall grid like this one. Then, art, photos, or even calendars can be easily hung with paper clips. You could also install pegboard for a similar function and look. Click here to see how I used a pegboard wall in my own home office!

Add Some Greenery

Plants are the perfect way to add a touch of nature and life to your desk. And if you’re not a fan of real plants, opt for artificial ones that look just as lovely and require no maintenance – perfect for kids! Placing a small succulent or a mini cactus on a desk can do wonders for brightening up a workspace. You can also hang a small pot on the wall next to your desk, or place a couple of small plants on a wall shelf. Not only do plants add to the aesthetic of a workspace, but they also have been proven to boost productivity and decrease stress levels.

Layer Your Desk Decor

Lastly, to create depth and visual interest on your desk, layer your decor. If your desk is too plain, it might look too sterile and uninviting (especially if it’s a white desk like my daughter’s). You can stack a few books or use a fun lamp to create height. Use a combination of vertical and horizontal arrangements for interest. Make sure you have enough space to work, but you can still create a charming aesthetic through subtle layering and texture.

Don’t forget to use the walls around the desk as part of your layering and height. Hang hooks on the wall for practical storage, or add some wall shelves for books and art. In my daughter’s modern desk area, I hung a small shelf on the wall for accessories and a hook for her headphones.

More cute desk decor ideas

So there you have it – my favourite aesthetic desk decor tips! These simple and affordable ideas will transform your child’s workspace (or your own) into a vibrant and engaging desk area. Happy decorating!

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