place in your desired room on a level, heat resistant surface

keep out of reach of children and pets

do not place under a shelf or in front of something reflective, such as a mirror

to use

check burner for cracks or damage before use

place one of our soy wax melts in the well of burner and a lit, quality, unscented, 4 hour, tea light candle within, relax and enjoy.


please note wax does not evaporate when not in contact with flame and therefore when the wax fragrance is spent the hardened wax should be removed and replaced.

the easiest, safest and least messy way of replacing a wax melt is to insert a tea light within burner when the wax is hardened, leaving it for 30 seconds to allow it to melt only the bottom of the wax. Then blow out and remove the tea light, using your index finger and placing on top of the cool, still solid, centre of the wax, give it a little wiggle to loosen away and slide into bin. 

please be careful when handling burner, do not move with lit tea light within, do not touch as it may be hot.


keep out of reach of children and pets

never pour wax down sinks, dispose in bin

do not consume

do not handle burner when hot

should only be used with quality 4 hour tea lights

do not overfill

do not use multiple tea lights

allow to cool between use (tea lights)


when cool & empty wipe clean with damp cloth, allow to dry before using

additional information

we source our burners from a trusted, local, supplier. Each burner is vetted and tested before becoming available. The recommended height for a burner to be used with wax melts is around 10cm, smaller burners may get hotter, smoke, burn off fragrance very quickly or be a fire hazard. 

Electric burners usually stay cooler and fragrance may last longer, although some electric burners may not be hot enough for use with soy wax melts - if in doubt, please get in contact and we shall advise.

Our wax burner selection is carefully vetted and each style of burner is tested regularly to ensure they comply with our safety standards

We source our burners from a UK business with an ethical trading policy who are committed to purchasing products that are produced with fair working conditions, safe production facilities and fair pay for workers.

Our wax burner gift sets are among some of the most popular products purchased on our site and continue to receive great reviews - they were designed for the 'difficult to gift' loved one in your life.

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