Candle and Coaster was formed during the first lockdown & summer 2020.


"Fragrance has always been something I have enjoyed experimenting with over the years,

particularly after the birth of my eldest child. The process of making and blending is

something I have always found therapeutic and strangely, even now, incredibly calming...

A Mission

To create home fragrance with self care, home comfort & thoughtful gifting in mind


because these are all things I believe are good for the soul. I'm hugely passionate about

mental health and feeling the best we possibly can every day. Life isn't perfect and it's not

always going to be a good day and that is why I find comfort in those little pick-me-up's; whether it's a squirt of my favourite scented hand lotion, receiving a little letterbox love from a caring friend or setting down for some meditation with my favourite candle.

A Promise

to always keep my customers at the forefront of everything I create and use these products to encourage special moments that make people feel good.


To continue to support charities such as YoungMindsUK to help them in their mission to offer mental health support to those that need it.

You can shop our Wild Lavender for YoungMindsUK range here and find details of our pledge on workforgood.co.uk"



Kate x



Our Products


All of our products are made in the UK using the finest quality ingredients and materials, we test extensively to ensure scent quality, product safety and aesthetic satisfaction. You can find information on product care on our FAQ's page or view honest reviews from our customers on most of our products! Customer satisfaction is so important to us & should you have any questions on what you can expect from us you can contact us at info@candleandcoaster.com 💌

Our mission to be earth conscious means that we source our components from local businesses and use products with reduced carbon footprints where we can. Our packaging is recyclable, recycled or biodegradable. We promise to continue learning how to better our ability to be eco friendly and to support others and encourage small changes that better our planet where we can. 🌎

Our products are available to purchase online, at our lovely stockists or during one of our regular events

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